Friday, 10 June 2016

Final Images

Images I chose for my final images:

"One View"

The photographs I chose out of my shoot for my final images are the ones below. I recreated some of the poses from the test shoot, to get some close ups and try get some body parts close up. I really like the feel of the images with certain parts illuminated and the shadows encroaching the rest of the image. The shadows being the blanket of comfort which is used to conceal herself from the world, showing only parts of herself she wants you to see.

My images are quite still dark i wanted them a little more highlighted than what they are, so I'm going to edit them in photoshop with basic edits of levels and curves. I want to then increase the contrast to boost the high lights further. 

I'm pleased with outcome of the images I feel the edited ones with the highlights emphasised works better than the darker images. This style of portraiture is different from what I normally produced and was out my comfort zone, but I don't feel as though I achieved the best I possibly could have. I think my composition and framing has progressed massive amounts and I happy with how they have come out. But it's the lighting side of things I think I could have pushed a little more to achieve what I wanted in camera rather than having to correct it in photoshop. The close up of the foot is my favourite and I think for this collection I should of either focused on the close ups of different areas of the body almost abstract, or kept it to the parts of her coming out the shadows. I could have even tried more personal shots coming more into the model, shots coming out the frame I feel these could have worked well too. I feel this body of work is a good set but could be improved, the narrative is there but I don't think I nailed it completely. Defiantly want to carry on with this series and take it further to progress as I feel this could be bigger and better. Displaying these images I want them A2, looking around the exhibitions the larger displayed pieces are more eye catching. I would like to impact on this and create the same sense of wowness for my viewers. 

On reflection of the images I have decided not to exhibit the above images but use my images I have produced for my online portfolio Behance. I feel these images show a more creative side of my photography. The collection of images produced for my Behance account I feel work together as a body of work than the above images. These go rather well as a show piece and I feel more comfortable and proud to show the alternative images as my exhibition piece. The narrative is still based on identity but without the darkness, adults/children in today's society hide themselves away through insecurities and paranoia. Some have problems with themselves and body so put a front on to the rest of the world, they mask who they are. Using my children as the models is a bit of a contrast of the narrative as the connotations with children are innocence, adorable, confident, and happy. But in reality children this young are known to have he insecurities and anxiety which is really sad. I named my series "Obscured" as the identity is not clear this is shown with the water and milk obscuring the face. Using my 50mm prime lens on F1.8 it gives a really soft depth of field focusing on only parts of the image, this links in with the narrative as you blur the pieces of yourself to society showing only what you want them to see.

My images I'm going to exhibit: 

For the exhibition you need to provide an exhibtion label to go alongside your work, this details the title of your work, year it was created, the photographer, the size of the exhibited pieces, and also if its colour, black and white, film etc.  Then just add a short blurb to give the viewer the insight to the narrative behind your piece of work.

Leonie Lamb



A2 Matte Printed

Black & white

This collection of work is based on identity, using water, milk and a glass screen to create the portraits. My pieces of work portray a mask that individuals put on. This mask is used to hide their true identities, a smokescreen of their insecurities and paranoia.

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