Thursday, 9 June 2016

Test Shoot for Final Images

 Contact Sheet for Test Shoot: 

This was my test shoot done for my end of year show, my idea was to get parts of the body lit with the shadows taking over the rest of the body. I did some shots close up of the face feet legs with some fuller shots of the body. I shot in raw this is why the images are in colour, but for editing I want them to be in black and white. Setting up the shoot I used a black backdrop with the one main light and had barn doors attached to direct the light where I wanted. Using the barn doors helped direct the flow of the light without light spilling on to the whole sceen. I had the modelling set without flash as this was adequate to style of light I required. My back drop was placed against my patio doors which let daylight through the back drop. It is only made out of muslim cloth so I had to use some black out curtain behind and tape them to the walls to hide the access light. The images are quite dark my ISO was on 200 and shutter speed 1/60 sec using my 50mm prime lens, the images could of been better exposed by upping my ISO, lowering my shutter speed would have caused the images to show movement and blur so that wouldnt of worked. I could of tried turning the intensity of my lamp up also. For my final images I want to edit them black and white and have them high contrast, so the highlighted parts stand out. On doing my next shoot I want to concentrate on some pacific poses the model did, I want to bring them out of the image. 

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